Philip Brou
Self Portrait (drawn by Lois Gibson)Self Portrait (drawn by Heatherly Kates)
Forensic Self Portraits, 2003-04
Project Description:

In 2003, I commissioned forensic artist Lois Gibson to help with this project. Among Lois Gibson's many accomplishments is her being cited as the world's most successful forensic artist in the 2004 Guinness book of world records. I sent a short, silent video of myself to Lois. We agreed to use her daughter as a "witness." After watching the video only once, Lois's daughter described me to her mother and worked collaboratively to complete the portrait.

In 2004, I commissioned forensic artist Heatherly Kates to work with me on a similar project. This portrait was completed through a series of emails. I began by filling out an extensive "witness packet" and then proceeded to make corrections over the course of several emails.